Marriage Ceremony

Individuals wishing to be married in the Toledo Municipal Court must first obtain a marriage license.  In Lucas County, to obtain a license, please contact the Lucas County Probate Court Marriage License Office at 419-213-4750 or 419-213-4361 or visit  The Lucas County Probate Court Marriage License Office is located at 700 Adams Street, Suite 200, Toledo, Ohio 43604. 

Marriage ceremonies are by appointment only.  The duties judge performs all marriage ceremonies.  Ceremonies must be scheduled in advance and are only performed on days the court is open.  Marriage ceremonies are performed at 1:30 p.m. and the court performs a maximum of 3 ceremonies per day. 

To schedule a marriage ceremony, please fill out and submit the Marriage Ceremony Request Form. Once the form is received, a court staff member will contact you to schedule the wedding ceremony.

A fee of $75 must be paid in the Civil Clerk’s Office located in the basement of the Toledo Municipal Court building prior to the scheduled ceremony.  A member of the Civil Clerk’s Office will escort the couple to the duties courtroom.  You MUST bring your marriage license and photo identification with you in order for the ceremony to be performed. 



  • Marriage licenses issued by the Lucas County Probate Court Marriage License Office are only good for 60 days from the date issued; therefore, your ceremony must be performed within that timeframe.
  • You must bring with you your marriage license and a photo I.D.  Wedding ceremonies will not be performed without either documentation.
  • When arriving at the court for a marriage ceremony, please report to the Civil Clerk’s Office in the basement and pay the $75 wedding fee. The fee can be paid in cash, money order, check, credit card, or debit card.  If using a credit card or debit card, an additional $4 service fee is charged.  Money orders and checks must be made payable to “TMC."
  • You do not need witnesses for your marriage ceremony.
  • Although your wedding is scheduled at 1:30 p.m., there may be a wait as the judge will also be hearing criminal and traffic cases that day.
  • After your wedding ceremony, Toledo Municipal Court staff will deliver your completed marriage license to the Lucas County Probate Court Marriage License Office for recording no later than five business days after your ceremony. Your marriage certificate will be processed by the Lucas County Probate Court Marriage License Office and will be mailed to you.  If you have additional questions regarding the marriage certificate or its status after your ceremony, please call 419-213-4750 or 419-213-4361.
  • Toledo Municipal Court marriages are civil ceremonies performed by a judge, not by a minister.