Driver Intervention Program (DIP)

Ohio’s Driver Intervention Program (DIP) is a sentencing alternative to the minimum mandatory 3-day jail term for first-offense OVI/DUI convictions. A 6-day DIP is also available. The DIP curriculum includes education and small group discussions that focus on the symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse, treatment, self-help resources, and the legal consequences of driving while impaired.

DIPs operate throughout the State of Ohio and each program must be certified by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS). *Caution: Do not participate in any community-based or online DIP unless the program is officially certified by ODADAS. These programs vary by location, individual accommodation, and cost. You may choose to attend one of the Toledo area DIP programs or you may call the ODADAS at 1 (877) 275-6364 for additional program sites. The ODADAS directory of DIP providers is also available at:

In Toledo Municipal Court, a judge has the discretion to provide you with an option to serve your mandatory 3-day sentence at a certified Driver Intervention Program or at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio (CCNO). By participating in DIP, you agree to the following:

  • You must successfully complete DIP by the date ordered by the judge
  • You must contact an ODADAS-certified program within one week of sentencing in order to schedule your days
  • You must pay for the cost of the program unless you are declared indigent by the judge
    • You must present proof of your attendance to the Probation Department before the ordered completion date. Mail proof of completion to:
      Toledo Municipal Court - Probation Department
      Attn: DIP
      555 North Erie Street
      Toledo, OH 43604
  • If you do not complete DIP, you must appear in court on the ordered date of completion
  • Failure to comply with the court order may result in a summons being issued for your appearance for contempt of court and imposition of all suspended jail time or bond revocation.