Court Services Department

The Court Services Department of the Toledo Municipal Court schedules all court events for the judges and also provides non-probation services to the courtrooms.  The scheduling of trials, pretrials, and motions are coordinated based on the judges’ scheduling preferences and the court’s seven-week judge rotation.  Criminal and traffic cases are randomly assigned to a judge in the scheduling system when a defendant enters a not-guilty plea.  Civil cases are assigned when an answer or a motion is filed.  All housing matters, both criminal and civil, are assigned to the housing court judge at the time of filing.

The Court Services Department maintains the judges’ court schedules, distributes monthly and weekly schedules, arranges for jurors when jury trials are held, schedules visiting judges and magistrates as needed, notifies all parties of court dates, schedules probation violation hearing dates, and works closely with other court departments. 

The department also handles electronic monitoring and interpreter scheduling, coordinates weddings, and acts as a liaison between the courtrooms and outside organizations.

Electronic Monitoring

The Lucas County Common Pleas Court, Regional Court Services Department has provided electronic monitoring services to Toledo Municipal Court since August 2018.  Electronic monitoring involves having an individual wear a device that transmits a signal detailing the person’s location.  This is usually in the form of an ankle bracelet, which is placed on a person’s leg and requires a special device in order to remove it.  Electronic monitoring is an alternative to traditional pretrial and sentenced incarceration and assists in reducing jail population while maintaining supervision of clients. 

Monitoring of clients is accomplished by the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS).  Transdermal Alcohol Detection (TAD) transmitters are utilized to detect alcohol consumption as a condition of electronic monitoring when ordered.  Electronic monitoring clients are permitted to maintain their employment and attend court-ordered activities.  Any limitations of movements within the community are set by the judge who ordered electronic monitoring. 


Wedding ceremonies are scheduled by Court Services Specialists.  If you plan to be married in Toledo Municipal Court, please read the important information located here.


Interpreters are available at no cost for any person with court business who is hearing impaired, deaf, vision impaired, or has limited English language proficiency.  The Ohio Supreme Court has provided guidelines and rules courts must follow when appointing interpreters.  To request an interpreter or learn more about the services available, please find additional information hereInterpreters must be requested at least seven (7) business days in advance