Civil Bailiff Department

The Civil Bailiff Department perfects service for legal civil documents. Bailiffs enforce civil orders, civil judgments and execute writs as required by the Ohio Revised Code and Local Court Rules.

The Civil Bailiff Department serves summons, complaints, garnishments, subpoenas, civil restraining orders and other civil writs of the Court. The Civil Bailiff Department supervises evictions and executes judgments and replevins according to court order.

Bailiff Sale
A Bailiff Sale is a legal tool used under the umbrella of an Execution where the Bailiff Department seizes the property of a defendant and offers it for sale at a public venue.

There are currently no scheduled bailiff sales.

After you have secured a judgment and are in need of Bailiff services, please call:

Civil Bailiff Department

Dave Baz
Chief Civil Bailiff

Kevin L. Smith
Assistant Chief Civil Bailiff

Sherhonda Haynes
Deputy Civil Bailiff
Region 1 James A. Roman
Deputy Civil Bailiff
Reggie Keel
Deputy Civil Bailiff
Region 2 Tiffany Phenix
Deputy Civil Bailiff
Julie Willhauck
Deputy Civil Bailiff

For additional information about evictions please see the following:

Business Eviction Information (PDF)
Manufactured Home Lockout Information (PDF)
Residential Eviction Information (PDF)

To begin the eviction process, instructions are available at the Housing Court site.

A garnishment is a court - ordered method of collecting money directly from a person's wages or bank account. The process is one by which a judgment creditor seizes money owed to the judgment debtor, from a third party known as a "garnishee."

When filing a garnishment you must ensure you use the correct address for the employer or bank.