General Court Information - Transcript Request Information

A transcript is an official, verbatim written record of what was said on a given day or days in a court of law. To obtain a transcript of a trial or other court proceedings:

  • STEP 1, Complete the Transcript Request Form and email it to Meredith Kurucz, Acting Administrative Assistant (voice 419.245.1879) at
  • STEP 2, Ms. Kurucz or her delegate will contact you by phone within five (5) business days with an estimate of the cost to produce the transcript and transcript payment instructions.
  • STEP 3, You must then deposit, in cash, the estimated cost of the transcript before any work on it will begin. When making payment, please have the exact amount quoted as no change will be given.
  • FURTHERMORE, The normal rate - ten (10) or more business days to complete - is $2.75 per page. If you are filing an appeal, there is an additional fee of $.50 per page to prepare a copy to accompany the appeal. If the transcript is to be prepared from an audio / video recording of the proceedings, there is an additional $25.00 fee to locate and prepare the recording for transcription.
  • STEP 4, Upon receipt of the deposit, the court reporter handling your request will contact you and provide an estimated completion date. The length of time to prepare a transcript varies. It takes time to accurately prepare a transcript and court reporters have normal in-court duties. You will not walk away with your transcript on the day it is requested. You may be able to negotiate a more rapid turnaround of your transcript with the court reporter.
  • STEP 5, The court reporter will contact you when your transcript is ready and make arrangements with you for pick up. Any refund or additional balance due will be discussed with arrangements made for exchange of monies at the time of pick up.